Best Marketing Methods For Restaurants

Running a restaurant in Melbourne is not an easy job. You need to make sure your employees do their work properly, that the kitchen is clean and that your guests are served promptly and with friendliness. You want people to come back and, why not, become loyal fans of your place. However, none of these things is going to bring you, new customers. You need to actively market your restaurant in order to let people know it exists and it has such great food and that you can provide a great experience for them.

As digital marketing in Melbourne is fairly inexpensive, yet effective, you should try to discover what are the best strategies and tactics in the hospitality industry, and apply a few of them yourself. Since you need to promote a restaurant, you want to reach people in your target group when they are hungry or willing to go out and have some fun or for social events. This means you should integrate social media into your marketing plan. Develop a cool Facebook page for your restaurant and start promoting it to people in your city or town. Offer some incentives to make them try your restaurant. Facebook contests can make excellent marketing tactics as most people are willing to eat out for free or for a very small price. Visit for more information about how optimizing your website can help your restaurant’s brand and attract more customers.

Whatever marketing methods you decide to use, make sure you develop a strong brand image for your restaurant. Your website, your Facebook page and all other social media pages that you have, need to look and feel professional. Include your logo and your unique selling point on all marketing materials. Don’t forget to use lots of food photos. Don’t be cheap, hire a professional photographer or buy yourself a DSLR or a mirrorless camera. The better your food photos are going to look, the more people are going to be willing to pay you a visit. Very few girls can resist a gorgeous chocolate lava dessert closeup, so take advantage of the human weakness. Check out AP Web Solutions for more information related to digital marketing and SEO.

Direct mailing can also be quite effective if you do it right. You can use Facebook and other social media networks to collect the email addresses of your potential clients. Once you have built a good list, you can send out special offers, news, and invitations to your events. If you put together a tasty and romantic Valentine’s Day menu, wouldn’t you like to promote it to as many couples as possible? If you have a big list of prospects, you can send them a message to let them know about it.

As word-of-mouth is very important in restaurant advertising and promotion, consider doing a blogging campaign. Invite a bunch of local bloggers to have dinner in your restaurant and then write about their experience. This can be one of the most effective digital marketing methods for restaurants and bars, especially if you prepare beautiful plates and you invite the bloggers to take great photos of all dishes.

As almost everybody is online in our modern world, you and your restaurant should also be there to welcome their need for tasty food and a delightful experience.

Importance Of Reviews For Restaurants

Any restaurant owner can tell you that running a restaurant is no easy job and definitely one that requires a lot of active hard work and management. One of the issues, that is a point of concern for most restaurant owners is its reputation and reviews. In today’s internet age where inflammatory information can “go viral” anytime, a bad review can be quite lethal for a restaurant.

Most people rely on reviews when choosing a place to go with their friends or family. Many studies have proven that the selective process of most people involves looking for reviews and testimonials from other people about the venue. People tend to look at the number of reviews and the quality when it comes to selecting the place they want to go. This is why websites such as Yelp are held in such high regard. It makes the selection process easier for people who do not want to do all the research themselves and would rather trust an authority source to make their decision. This is human nature that applies to almost all decisions that we make where we want to conserve time and energy and not have to spend too much of either of these things that can be done in a more time-efficient manner.

However, this also has some consequences. Websites such as Yelp ultimately rely on their users to post reviews, which can be rather subjective and not entirely accurate. Moreover, negative and inflammatory reviews tend to attract significantly more attention than positive review. For example, if a restaurant gets 10 positive reviews and just 1 negative review, most people will often scroll down to the negative review and read what it says. This means that even a single bad review can put a business in a bad light. This can pollute their online presence and potentially cause some loss in revenue.

This is why restaurant owners must make it a point to manage their reputation effectively and focus on customer service as much as the quality of food. Good social presence on the Internet also helps with this. As you can see, running a restaurant is no less effort than running any other business. In fact, it arguably involves more work due to its hands-on nature and its volatility.

Another factor that the business owner must be aware and cautious of is the staff’s treatment of the customers. This is ultimately the cause of most bad reviews. Although the quality of food can also be the root of concern for patrons at the restaurant, it is often the quality of service that leads to a bad customer experience. It is human nature that someone who has had a negative experience at a place of entertainment or business is more likely yo go online and leave a review than someone who had a neutral or positive experience, as this is more expected and less of an emotional experience.

What Makes Asian Food So Unique

Asian cuisines such as Thai and Vietnamese are not only delicious in taste but also rather good for your health. One of the differences between traditional Asian food, compared to many other cuisines is that the they are not typically as processed as western food usually is. The ingredients are typically more natural and grown without the use of very many chemicals. This means less intervention and natural growth, which makes the end result better for our health and less saturated with processed fats and carbohydrates.
Thai food generally consists of a wide variety of curries and rice, as well as steamed and barbequed meats. However, their style of frying meats is generally different in that the sauces and oils used are not the same as those used in western cuisine. This adds a different exotic flavour to the taste.

plate of delicious thai food at restaurant in melbourne australia

So you might be wondering what is it about Thai or Vietnamese food that makes it so unique? One of the methods of cooking that is unique for these cuisines is that they use a mixture of salt and sugar in their foods. This is very usual as compared to most cooking methods as these ingredients usually work against each other to provide a taste of the sweetness of bitterness. However, if mixed in the right amounts and with the right ingredients and meats, the mixture can provide a unique taste to the curry. This is why Thai curry often tastes different to other Asian curries such as Indian or Sri Lankan which are typically spicier and do not contain salt.

This does not mean that Asian food cannot be spicy. Quite the contrary in fact. Some Asian meats are typically too spicy for westerners to handle and that is why many Asian restaurants in the western countries such as US, UK or Australian have to purposely make their dishes less spicy than they usually are, in order to cater to the local population. However, if you ever decide to visit Thailand and taste the local spicy dishes, be prepared to face a challenge.

If you ever decide to try cooking Thai dishes at home, make sure to find the right ingredients. These would be easy to find if you were living in Asian countries. However, western countries it can be a challenge to find exact kind of ingredients that are needed to cook the dishes. Fortunately, in this day and age, there are likely to be Asian grocery stores in most countries and cities. Make sure to visit these stores to find the ingredients and the equipment that you will need to cook.

There are so many varieties of the Thai cuisine that you will never get bored to trying different dishes. Whether you crave a mixture of sweet and spicy foods or a fried rice with shredded meat, there are plenty of choices across the board. The best way to experience Asian food in its full glory is to visit the land where these delicious dishes originate and taste them there. Although some of the restaurants do a decent job of creating a similar taste overseas, all the proper ingredients required cannot often be found in western countries and restaurants have to settle for second-grade products.